Wednesday, November 3, 2010

In my twilight,
of late nights and bad decisions,
choices I relish…and a few I forgot.

In a stupor of joyful whimsy,
I resemble a taller version of the incorruptibility left behind.
Oh so many years ago.

In a lifetime full of friendly strangers,
I navigate…a sea of same-ness that blends into the background noise.
White noise as you ponder the journey, not quite sure of the destination or its purpose.

Somewhere, somehow the blood that moves through your veins is suddenly frozen.
And in that instant you know what it is to be naked.

Exposing the truth of your soul in the hopes that the gaping magnitude doesn’t swallow you alive,
after a moment of time hurled me into the ether.

Your breath, new life.
Your laugh, my safeguard.
Your smirk, my grace.
Your smell, home.
Your touch, my redemption.
Your kiss, my freedom.

Then the earth returns to its axis. Aching that the rotation’s natural progression would give pause. And for a moment in time…

I was happy.