Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Today's troubled times...

In today's troubled times I can understand how one or two lost souls could admire the "fabulous" lifestyles of the rich and the famous. But further inspection of the seemingly care-free and beautiful individuals, leaves me feeling cold.

Doesn't it appear odd to anyone that no matter how many purebred-tea-cup-what-have-yous they adopt, or how many hot-this-minute-up-and-coming-actors/models/sports stars that they swap spit with, or how many supposedly legitimate kiddily-winkies they spawn with the afore mentioned individuals, it never seems to be enough to satisfy their ever-lasting quest for love? These starlets (as dubbed by their publicist's) obtain fame and by starring in drama-filled, pre-meditated "reality" series and/or big budget re-makes of Hollywood classics and shoot to the forefront every young and impressionable pre-teen's mind. In order for them to remain at the top and be considered for "the list" they must be seen at the hottest locations around the world while performing stunt after stunt just to generate a new media frenzy. While this endless parade of parties and pre-pubescent fans may seem exciting, these girls are snorting endless lines of cocaine, popping pills and drinking gallons of name brand energy drinks just keep up with their own seemingly fabulous lifestyle.

Let's not forget that this small percentage of the population (roughly less then 2%) are also making an example of their perpetual bed hopping. Young fans now believe that it is standard to have more then 6 sexual partners in a year. What baffles me, is that even though it is well documented just how many times these girls have swapped bodily fluids around town, men seem to still lust after them…to be honest, I would think kissing them would be the equivalent of picking a penny up off the street and putting it in your mouth –it's dirty.

What's even more amazing to me is that these girls have to be dressed up like show ponies at all times. We as a consuming public demand that they be "pretty" to look at or we don't want to look at them anymore. As these girls are seen more and more, they must be picture perfect at all times. They spend small fortunes on their outer beauty just to please a group of people they don't even know but who are judging their every move. Can you imagine constantly having to be waxed, plucked, spray tanned, teased, weaved, and made up? All of their lavish potions, lotions and treatments may seem sumptuous, but it is their full time job to be primped and looking hungry. While hundreds of thousands of people are being paid by the army to go through extreme boot camp to defend their country, these people PAY to go through the same level of training, just to defend their place at the top.

To top this off, it seems that the newest and hottest club to get your name on the list for, is rehab or jail and it appears as though their cat fights, drunk driving, drugging, and parole violations are punished with a mere slap on the wrist. What has happened that we the public are willing to accept the LOW social standards that these supposed celebrities are setting? Why are we accepting this as "OK" and are in fact asking to see more of their drama by consuming their products, buying their hair extensions and reading the magazines that fuel their attention seeking?

I ask you as the younger generations approach adulthood what new/low standards will they accept as the norm?

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